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  2015 Video Works

2015 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT VIDEO ART - Yebin YEO - 행여 내가 - "Even if I can't understand your..." (Trailer)

watercolor, signpen, TVP, adobeAF,
adobePR, adobePS, animation paper

dedicate this film to suicides family and everyone who has parted



J. Casey Doyle • Moscow, ID
single channel, silent, HD video 11:36

Artist Statement
Granting permission allowing myself (yourself) to become MY (your) OWN CHEERLEADER overcoming resistance (un)conciously created obstacles accepting value and worth change TRANSFORMation Acknowledging ownership self-identified Empowerment individuality identity community EQUALITY. OWN becoming (an) advocate (an) ally


  2014 Video Works

2014 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT VIDEO ART - Patricia Vasquez Gomez / Portland, OR

Reinauguración / Reinauguration
When the process is more important than the product

This project had all kinds of reviews. Some positive, some not so positive- including accusations of a tokenizing spectacle from Museum staff. One of the responses that means the most to me is the following one, from Javier Lara, organizer for the Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United (PCUN), based in Woodburn, OR, the only farmworkers union in the state. (See Complete text on catalog or yuoTube)



2014 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT VIDEO ART - Jesse Kreuzer / Ithaca, NY


In this performance I move through The Foundation Building, from my studio on the 6th floor to the front of the building on the first floor without touching the ground. The act creates an intimacy between myself and the space- I know details of hallways, doors, the tops of walls because I have measured them with my body. The piece is a love letter to the building.
(See Complete text on FL3TCH3R Exhibit catalog)


Bridge from Jesse Kreuzer on Vimeo.

  2013 Video Works

2013 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT VIDEO ART - IMAGINE by Liselot van der Heijden

Imagine is a meditation on the power of the image and the irreversible nature of violence.


2013 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT VIDEO ART BY Robert Mitchell Williamson

In my work I use meticulously detailed structures containing video and animated imagery to engage the viewer from an artistic and civic perspective about the human condition. Challenging an observer’s expectations, beliefs and assumptions through visual representations of information independent from typical associations and attributes. 
I have an aspiration in creating personal and symbolic imagery, influe


This video was viewed inside of the work Political Theater 2011
Plywood, cast plastic, steel, speakers, LEDs & LCD monitor, Video screenshot below click link to vee exhibit video's

Political Theater

2013 FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT Steve Rossi / Beacon, NY /Reciprocal Ladder to Roll


Inspired by the horizontal organizational structure of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this public performative intervention is titled Reciprocal Ladder to Roll and involves a circular ladder form designed to be pushed and pulled along the streets and sidewalks of lower Manhattan, an area with one of the largest income inequality gaps in the country. This project was undertaken to draw attention to the possibilities of re-imagining alternative non-hierarchical forms of social organization through the uncanny gesture of subverting the familiar orientation, function, and metaphor of a ladder— (See Complete text on catalog or YouTube)



2013 FL3TCH3R Exhibit Melisa Cadell / Bakersville, NC

2013 The rhetoric of world leaders, local politicians, and religious heads often leaves me in a lonely place wondering if the future can really bring about a better world. Since the birth of my two children I have grown more outspoken about the issues that shape our world. It is in these works that an inner and often silent dialogue becomes public.
The figure has provided the vehicle for expression. It is something quite familiar yet complex in that it proposes layers of thought that are be contemplated in a personal space. The surface offers insight into intent but allows for uncertainty. Meanings are given a chance to emerge, a place to be examined.
(See Complete text on catalog or yuoTube)

you must not from Melisa Cadell on Vimeo.







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